Forum Rules

1. Spamming
Do not post pointless messages or post pointless topics.
Do not post messages just because you want your post count high.
Repeated answers on a topic that was already answered on the same thread is also considered as spam.

2. Double Posting
Do not double post on the same thread or topic, use the edit function.

3. Topic Bump
Do not bump topics that were made months ago.
Bumping a topic is considered as double posting if coming from the same poster.
One line posts that are intended for bumping a topic is considered as spam.

4. Repeated topics
Please avoid posting topics that have already been answered in the past. Use the search function instead.

5. Off topic
All discussions on the top must relate to the topic title. Please avoid trailing off the topic.

6. Sections
All post must be created in the correct section. Any topic that doesn't belong in to any section should be posted in General Discussion section.

7. Language
All posts should be in English as its the main language. This also applies to the shout box.

8. Common sense
Do not advertise.
Do not swear.
Do not post anything that isn't age appropriate.
Do not annoy people.
Do not post anything sexist or racist or any other type of hate speech.
Do not post any links that might harm other players.
Do not ignore the staffs warnings.

Server Rules

- No Swearing
- No Spamming
- No use of excessive caps
- No Hacking
- No Advertising
- No racism, sexism or any type of hate speech
- No alternative accounts
- No abusing exploits (If you find an exploit, please report it)
- No afk contraptions
- No abusing rank permissions
- English in global chat (Feel free to use /msg)
- Respect staff and players

Have fun~