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By 1stGlitch aHead Admin - Posted Mar 7, 16

Welcome to MC-Skygrid! This is a Skygrid economy based server, we're trying to make this server as unique as possible and hoping it's something everyone will enjoy. There is a special twist with this server as it's factions in the grid, hopefully this will add a more enjoyable experience for everyone! Will you be the best faction in the sky? We have just recently opened the server again and it is currently in it's beta stages, welcome back to everyone that was on the server before and welcome to all the new players!

There is currently a lot of bugs so if you find a bug please let us know! And of course, if you want new things to be added make sure to suggest them!

We have just added a scoreboard on the side of the screen, which you can toggle off if you find it annoying with /fb off. 

MCmmo was also just recently added as it was highly suggested.

I hope everyone is enjoying the server as much as I and the staff are! 

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